13 Going on 30

ImageWho Bought It: technically, it was given to Megan when Max’s best friend Lauren moved away and didn’t have room for it in her suitcase.

Why?: When Lauren offered it up Megan, at the time, couldn’t turn down a free DVD.

Non-Buyer’s Response: “Is that how you got it??” – Max

Max’s Thoughts: I never thought I’d say this (especially considering I fell asleep 15 minutes in last time we tried to watch this movie), but 13 Going on 30 is actually kind of adorable. I mean, it’s a beat-for-beat unofficial remake of the Tom-Hanks-and-a-gypsy classic Big but it’s not horrible. Jennifer Garner is great, and Mark Ruffalo is mumbly and adorable as usual. The two leads do literally as well as could possibly be expected of them. It got surprisingly heavy at the end with Jenna finally realizing how objectively horrible a person she’d become since she was 13. It kind of had a Last Temptation of Christ vibe going on in that Jenna is given a chance to see her future life then decide whether or not she wants a do-over. The time travel elements of this shitty movie are actually kind of interesting. I’ll add it to my tier of “Dumb movies written by smart people.” I want to keep it.

Megan’s Thoughts: I hadn’t seen this movie since it originally came out in 2004 and my memory recalled a few giggles but that was about it, so my expectations were low going in. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised at how clever and quirky the movie was. Jennifer Garner nails the excited innocence of a 13-year-old drunk on 30-year-old power. The story moved well and kept me interested, and I always love a snarky Judy Greer best friend character. It’s a movie I’d pull out if I had a sick day or girl’s night, and it makes me want to go learn the dance to “Thriller” immediately. I’d watch it again, and therefore…

Verdict: Keep it.

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