(500) Days of Summer

ImageWho Bought It: Megan

Why?: Megan’s love of Joseph Gordon Levitt combined with the adorable trailers promised her a feel-good rom-com with heart, romance and laughter. Also it was $3 at a Rogers closing-out sale (though, that will be the reason why most of the DVDs mentioned in this purge project were bought.)

Non-Buyer’s Response: “Never would I ever have bought this movie.” – Max

Megan’s Thoughts: Though JGL is adorable, and there are a couple grin-worthy moments, overall the film is a downer and I do not discover anything new or exciting on multiple watches. The more times I see it, the more I hate Zooey Deschanel’s character and the sooner I want to zone out and take a nap instead. It almost stayed in the collection based on the song-and-dance number to Hall & Oates alone but alas, the inability to stomach another viewing has led it to the “toss” pile.

Max’s Thoughts: I guess an argument could be made about (500)’s odd chronology and structural elements (the parenthetical numbers, mostly). And I kind of tried to make that argument, but got bored talking about the movie. There were some cute bits, but the only character I found truly interesting was the best friend who had been dating a girl since 7th grade (Criminal Minds’ Matthew Gray Gubler), and that’s not a good sign. Neither is the fact that 30 minutes later I can’t remember anything specific about the movie other than a nagging desire to punch everyone but Matthew Gray Gubler.

Verdict: Toss

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2 thoughts on “(500) Days of Summer

  1. This movie actually taught me a lot. She is a horrible person, and this movie, rather than teach me about love/relationships/whatever in a general sense, really just made me aware of the dangers of manic pixie dream girls in real life (because I was involved with a couple at the time). Not a good movie, but educational. Also gave me the idea to go to Ikea on a date (which I haven’t done yet, but want to).

  2. Ashlyn says:

    Hated it. Then I immediately watched Away We Go, and I loved that one, so it was like (500) Days Of Summer was wiped from my brain database.

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