17 Again

ImageWho Bought It: Wouldn’t it be a riot if “Max” was the answer?

Why?: Megan has had an unhealthy addiction to Zac Efron ever since Hairspray came out. And “Bust a Move” was on the soundtrack.

Non-Buyer’s Response: “Who buys movies for the OST?” – Max

Megan’s Thoughts: Besides the fact that I’m a Zac Efron fangirl, this is actually a hilarious movie. Can we pause for a moment, look past the HSM franchise and realize that Efron has a wicked sense of comedic timing? Pair that with Thomas Lennon (author of the book “Writing Movies for Fun and Profit”) as his best friend Ned and I can’t get enough of the quick asides, the insults slung under their breath and the way their twitching eyebrows have more jokes in them than an entire Will Ferrell flick (we’ll get to my Ferrell hate later though, I’m sure.) Leslie Mann and Melora Hardin, two of my favourite comedy ladies, round out the funny crowd and do a great job of bringing Jason Filardi’s take on the time-travelling-body-switching-do-over feature to life. It’s got heart, it’s got laughs and it’s got a scene where Margaret Cho plays a sex ed teacher – what more could I ask for? I’m still glad I added this movie to my DVD collection, it’s been a favourite when I need a comedy pick-me-up. Oh, and it also has one of the best bully-take-down scenes ever created. I think I may have cheered out loud the first time I saw it.

Max’s Thoughts: These last few movies (13 Going On 30 and 17 Again) are making me wonder why we don’t own Big. And also giving me a hankering for my favourite body-switching movie ever, Freaky Friday (the Lindsay Lohan one). Hankerings aside, this isn’t a bad movie. The time-travel/body-switching magic here is a bit more muddied than in the previously mentioned flicks, but I think that’s Filardi’s point with this one: Body-switching movies can’t be explained. Once Mike has returned from Zac Efron-form to Matthew Perry, he even says it, pretty much verbatim. This is a ridiculous but tried-and-true premise that – to my surprise – is executed pretty well. Matthew Perry is confusingly underutilized though. Who wants to see Perry in sad-sack dad mode then contrite, apologetic dad in teen clothing mode? That’s basically all he’s given to do. All that said and all my dumb-smart analysis of this well-meaning but shitty movie: THOMAS LENNON AND MELORA HARDIN ABSOLUTELY ENGULF THIS MOVIE. Keep.

Verdict: Keep it.

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One thought on “17 Again

  1. BenKrazier says:

    Speaking is Lohan; I really hope Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen shows up on this list eventually 😀

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