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Who Bought It?: Megan.

Why?: The humour really spoke to me when I was 17.

Non-Buyer’s Response: No criticism. I saw this movie a while ago and liked it.

Megan’s Thoughts: Baby Jonah Hill! Justin Long! I don’t know why I have such an obsession with Justin Long. Actually, I do. But it doesn’t make any sense. My reasons are: he was in Galaxy Quest (which I’m gonna go ahead and say, spoiler alert, we’re keeping that one when we get to the “G”s) and he dated Drew Barrymore for awhile, and she is in my top five favourite actresses of all time.

But the reason I’m pondering my love for Justin Long and using exclamation points when I talk about Jonah Hill is because I don’t really know what else to say about this movie. I had a couple laughs, it was a good enough time, but considering how many movies I love that I don’t have in my collection and how many movies I haven’t seen that have made their way in, I’m surprised that this one, of all movies, landed on my shelf.

Thumbs up for some giggles and an all around well-cast flick but I need the shelf space and probably don’t ever need to see this movie again. It did make me feel pretty good about all that time I spent struggling to get into University though. But I say toss it.

Max’s Thoughts: Who doesn’t want to run shit? Everyone wants to. I think that’s why this admittedly mediocre movie speaks to me. Justin Long’s Bartleby doesn’t get in to college so he just says “whatever” and starts his own college. It’s goofy, and watching Jonah Hill in this movie from 8 years ago is a nice reminder that he was always great, even before he was “two-time Oscar nominee Jonah Hill.” It’s Hill who carries most of the big laughs for me in Accepted, but that’s a fact that I believe speaks volumes to Justin Long’s abilities as a straight man.

There’s only one role in Long’s career that I can remember him playing for overt laughs. When he was gay pornstar Brandon St. Randy in Zack and Miri Make a Porno, he stole the few scenes he was in. Other than that, he’s been the straight man in everything from those Mac vs. PC commercials to Waiting. And he’s great at it. Other than the timeless comedic duo of chubby-goofy-guy (Hill) and attractive-goofy-guy (Long), there’s not much great about this movie. Despite that, I want to keep it, because of how good Long and Hill are together.  Oh, and also because Lewis Black is given like…20 minutes of screen time to yell and spit.

Verdict: Keep it.

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